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Author:LUOXixian(Optoelectr… PhysicsDepartment DalianMaritimeUniver… Dalian116026 Liaoning China) 
Keyword:white light emitting diode nitridosilicates broad excitation band phosphor 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2008,36(9):1335-1342

High-power white light-emitting diodes(LEDs)with warm white light output are required for the rapid advances in general illumination applications of white LEDs.However,the currently employed oxide phosphors,such as cerium doped yttrium aluminum garnet(YAG:Ce)and Eu2+activated alkaline earth silicate,can hardly meet the challenge;therefore,it is urgent to develop novel phosphors with red-emitting components and excellent temperature-dependent properties.A series of nitridosilicates can be obtained through SiO2,Si2N2O or Si3N4 with M'2O(M'=alkali metals),MO(M=alkaline earth,Zn),Re2O3(Re=rare earth,Al,B),M'3N,M3N2, ReN,AlN,or BN,etc.,such as:M'Si 2 N3,MSiN2,M2Si5N8,MSi2N5,Si3N4·ReN,Si3N4·2ReN,Si3N4·3ReN,Si3N4·6ReN,MReSi4N7, MAlSiN3,Si2N2O·MO,Si2N2O·3MO,Si2N2O·Re2O3,Si2N2O·2Re2O3,Si3N4·2MO,Si3N4·Re2O3,2Si3N4·Re2O3,and SiO2·ReN...... Some of these silicon nitrides/oxynitrides based on(Si,Al)(O,N)4 tetrahedra building units possess higher chemical and thermal stability and stronger covalency than that of the corresponding oxide.Some rare earth ions(such as Eu2 +,Ce 3+and Yb 2+)with a 5d→4f transition exhibit very broad excitation bands and highly efficient long-wavelength emission characteristics in these silicon nitride/oxynitride hosts.Moreover,the chemical composition can be altered over a broad range without changing the crystal structure, which makes it possible to adjust the emission color and chromaticity from the green region to the red region;for example,yel- low-green emission can be realized in silicon oxynitride hosts,and red emission can be achieved in silicon nitride hosts.So cool white to warm white light output can be realized by white LEDs based on these silicate nitride/oxynitride phosphors;furthermore,these white LEDs show the highest color stability with temperature and drive current so far. Recent progress in silicon nitride/oxynitride host luminescent materials with broad excitation bands for phosphor-converted white LEDs are briefly reviewed in this paper,including the crystal structure,spectroscopic properties and application characteristics.We also discuss the application prospects and the trends of research and development of these phosphors.

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