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Author:SHIKeshun(EditorialD… Beijing100831 China) 
Keyword:solid oxide fuel cells  electrolyte materials  mechanical 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2008,36(11):1676-1688

The electrolyte materials used in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are reviewed, and the fabrication processes of film components are introduced emphatically in this paper. The operation temperature of intermediate temperature SOFCs must be lower than 800 ℃ ,even lower than 750 ℃ ,with a temperature range of 600-800 ℃ . Good solid oxide electrolytes belong to generally two crystallographic families, namely face-centered fluorite and primitive cubic perovskite structures. A represen-tative of fluorite solid electrolytes is the stabilized ZrO2. 8% in mole Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2 (8YSZ) has a considerable ionic conductiv-ity of 0.1S/cm at ~1 000 ℃ . Zr0.9Sc0.1O1.95 (SSZ) has a conductivity of 0.1 S/cm at 800 ℃ whereas Zr0.9Y0.1O1.95 (herein after referred to YSZ)) has a conductivity of 0.03 S/cm at the same temperature. Samarium doped ceria (CSO) is a desired electrolyte material for use of intermediate temperature SOFCs. Sr and Mg doped LaGaO3(LSGM) oxygen ion conductor already is a important alternator for intermediate and low temperature SOFCs. Another way to lower the operating temperature of a SOFC is the use of thin electrolyte membranes. At 800 ℃ YSZ thin film with a thickness less than 10 μm cells demonstrated excellent performance, achieving power densities of 800 mW/cm2 at 0.8 V. Generally, thin films provide higher chemical homogeneity and composition control than thick films. Thin films are preferred in precise and laboratory scale applications, while thick film techniques are preferred for low-cost and up-scalable manufacturing. Film fabrication techniques for low-cost include plasma spray, colloidal state forming, tape casting method, freeze-drying process, screen printing and vacuum slip casting etc.

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