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Author:KONGDeyu~1ZHANGJunzh… Architecture ZhejiangUniversityof… Hangzhou310014 2.HangzhouConstructi… BuildingMaterialsCo.… Hangzhou311107 China) 
Keyword:alkali-activated binder  concrete  mechanical property  duration 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2009,37(1):151-159

Research on alkali-activated binders and concrete made with alkali-activated binders are reviewed.Factors affecting the properties of the alkali-activated cement are summarized and emphasis is placed on the properties of concrete made with al- kali-activated binders,including the workability of the fresh concrete,the strength,deformation and durability such as chemical attack resistance,alkali-aggregate reaction and protection of the steel bar in reinforced concrete.Some suggestions for future investigations are also made.

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浙江省科技计划项目(2007C23058);; 杭州市科技计划项目(20070733B20)。
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