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Author:GEORGIChristian(Inst… IlmenauUniversityofT… Ilmenau 98693 Germany) 
Keyword:sol-gel synthesis negative thermal expansion zirconium tungstate zirconium molybdate 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2009,37(5):667-674

One of the most promising families of negative thermal expansion materials is that of cubic AM2O8 oxides(A=Zr,Hf;M=Mo,W).Potential applications have brought about a need for high-quality AM2O8 powders which cannot be fulfilled by conventional solid-state syntheses.The use of low-temperature solution-based methods is a promising alternative approach for the synthesis of AM2O8 oxides.The current paper reviews the research done in this area since 1998.First,the results of syntheses by the dehydration of AM2O7(OH)2?2H2O are summarized,followed by a discussion of gel techniques which make use of alkoxide or carboxylate precursors.Attention is then focused on the issue of structure control of the oxides.Future directions of research are also recommended.

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The German Research Foundation (Collaborative ResearCentre 622) support
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