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Author:HUYulong1 2 LIUHongfang1 GUOXingpeng1(1.Schoo… HuazhongUniversityof… Wuhan430074 2.CollegeofScience NavalUniversityofEng… Wuhan430033 China) 
Keyword:titania nitrogen doping visible light photocatalytic activity review 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(3):535-541

The pristine titania nanomaterial can only be excited by ultraviolet light because of its wide band-gap.Extending the optical response to the visible light spectrum is one of the most important aspects to the TiO2-based photocatalyst.Nitrogen-doped titania has high visible light photocatalytic activity,which is representative of TiO2-based photocatalyst with reactivity under visible light,and has received enormous attention from scientists and engineers in the past decade.In the current review,the recent progress in research on the origins of visible light responses and the improvement of photocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped titania are discussed in detail,and urgent issues for future research and development are proposed.

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Foundation item:
煤燃烧国家重点实验室开放基金(FSKLCC0809);; 材料化学与服役失效湖北省重点实验室开放基金(200802)资助项目
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