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Microstructural Observation of Cement Particle Gro…
Author:VENKITEELAGiri SUNZhihui(CivilandEn… UniversityofLouisvil… Louisville KY40292 USA) 
Keyword:cement paste microstructure cement particle scanning electron microscope image 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1613-1617

Cement paste′s microstructure evolution is a complex phenomenon,which includes cement particle growth,agglomeration,flocculation and wide rage range of other reactions.It is important to know these behaviors of cement particles during hydration for better understanding of the early age cement based material properties.In-situ observations were made on three different cement pastes’ microstructures evolutions by employing Quantomix capsuling system in scanning electron microscopy.With the advantage of continuous observation on cement pastes microstructure developments using this system,single particle growth and connectivity between particles during hydration were then investigated.For this purpose,changes in gray level profiles(using image analysis) of cement particles were used,which could be obtained from image analysis of micrographs.Finally,cement particle growth and connectivity in these cement pastes were examined quantitatively.

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