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Physical Properties of Mortar and Concrete Using L…
Author:FUJITAHideki1 KURAUCHIHidetoshi1 NAKARAIKenichiro2 TSUJIYukikazu2(1.Res… TaiheiyoConsultantCo… Ltd. Chiba285-0802 Japan 2.GraduateSchoolofEn… DepartmentofCiviland… GunmaUniversity Gunma376-8515 Japan) 
Keyword:low alkalinity sulphoaluminate retarder fresh property hardening behavior 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1623-1630

The low alkalinity cement based on sulphoaluminate clinker was produced and the physical properties of mortar and concrete were examined using this cement.The development of compressive strength was superior,but the early stage of strength tended to reduce when there existed a greater dosage of retarder.In addition,the compressive strength development in a long term was infe-rior in the water cement ratio of 65%.The water cement ratio and strength did not have linearity relations.As for the characteristic of volume change,the shrinkage was observed just after mixing of concrete,but it changed to expansion immediately and it was kept from 10 to 30 d.According to the replacement of a part of cement by fly ash and limestone powder,some strength deteriorated,but was able to secure the practical strength.In addition,it was able to confirm an effect to reduction of adiabatic temperature rise and improvement of fluidity of concrete.

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