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CO2 Uptake Capacity of Concrete Primary Ingredient…
Author:SHAOYixin MONKMANSean TRANStanley(McGillUn… DepartmentofCivilEng… Montreal CanadaH3A2K6) 
Keyword:carbon dioxide curing concrete block steel slag aggregate strength 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1645-1651

The feasibility of using concrete products to uptake carbon dioxide emitted from cement production were investigated.All three primary ingredients of concrete:cement binder,fine aggregates and coarse aggregates,are considered as CO2 absorbents to maximize carbon sequestration in concrete and produce concrete aggregates from calcium-containing steel slag.It is found that two-hour carbonation enabled the Portland cement can consume ≥14% of CO2,and its strength is comparable to that after 7 d conventional curing.Ladle slag fines could take 4%-12% of CO2 due to their smaller particle size and can be used as a substitution to natural river sand.Basic oxygen furnace(BOF) slag shows an excellent reactivity with CO2.The CO2 uptake capacity in manufactured coarse BOF slag aggregates reaches 12%.The solid BOF steel slag compact produced has a strength compared to crushed limestone.If all three solid components of concrete can be used to uptake CO2,one typical concrete masonry unit(CMU,20 cm × 20 cm × 20 cm) can sequester 1.39 kg of CO2.Carbon sequestration in concrete is an economic and effective approach that directly reduces carbon emission from cement industry.

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