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Changes in Pore Structure of Hardened Body with La…
Author:ASAGAKiyoshi ITOSyunsuke SUZUKIYuji SAGAWATakahumi(Divis… TeikyoUniversityofSc… Uenohara-shiYamanash… Japan) 
Keyword:portland cement water cement ratio pozzolan carbonation pore structure 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1671-1676

Ordinary Portland cement pastes and low heat Portland cement pastes in the presence of various admixtures such as limestone powder,blast furnace slag or silica fume with large water powder ratio of 1.0 were prepared by using a special viscosity thickener and polycarboxylic acid type superplasticizer.These pastes were cured for 4 years in water at 20 ℃.The hydration of the cement pastes was almost completed during 4 year curing,due to the large water cement ratio.These hardened pastes were carbonated in the CO2 gas of 5%(in mass) and relative humidity of 66% at 20 ℃.Changes in the pore structure in the hardened pastes by the carbonation process were discussed by comparing the hardened pastes before carbonation with the hardened pastes after carbonation.The results were summarized as follows:The cumulative pore volume larger than 10 nm in diameter of the samples was decreased in the carbonation process;pore size distribution of the samples moved to larger size in the carbonation process;destruction of the texture was observed in the sample with pozzolanic additives;the pore size distribution in the sample with pozzolanic admixtures moved to the larger size than that of the sample without additives.

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