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Influence of Cement Fineness on Complex Crack Resi…
Author:CHENBo1 2 CAIYuebo2 DINGJiantong2 SUNWei1 GONGYing2(1.Schoolof… SoutheastUniversity Nanjing211189 2.NanjingHydraulicRe… Nanjing210029 China) 
Keyword:specific surface area crack resistance early age thermal stress 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1677-1681

Hydration heat of cement is correlated to the specific surface area(SSA) and chemical components of cement.However,it is easier to reduce the hydration heat of cement by controlling the fineness rather than by adjusting the chemical components.In order to investigate the relation between cement fineness and crack resistance of roller compacted concrete(RCC),three cements with different SSA were obtained by grinding a clinker.The effects of cement fineness on the hydration heat,mortar strength and concrete properties(such as workability),mechanical properties(compressive strength,tensile strength and tensile elastic modulus),deformation properties(ultimate tensile strain) and thermal properties(adiabatic temperature rise) were investigated.Also,a temperature stress testing machine was used as a developed approach for evaluating complex crack resistance of early age concrete.The relations between cement fineness and complex crack resistance of early age RCC in the mode of 100% restraint and adiabatic environment were analyzed as well.The results show that the concrete with coarser cement has a higher capacity of crack resistance.The hydration heat was correlated to the SSA of cement.A decrease in the SSA of cement could be an effective approach for reducing temperature of concrete.The workability of the RCC could be improved by decreasing the SSA of cement.However,the compressive strength and elastic modulus of mortar/concrete were slightly decreased for the lower SSA of cement.The ultimate tensile strain of the RCC does not vary with the SSA of cement.The temperature stress tests show that the second zero stress temperature increases with increasing the SSA of cement,and the concrete with coarser cement has a lower crack risk.

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Foundation item:
国家自然科学基金(50539040);; 江苏水利科技重点项目(2009057)资助项目
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