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Effect of Gangue on Hydration Process of Portland …
Author:FENGShuxia WANGPeiming LIUXianping(Laborato… TongjiUniversity Shanghai200092 China) 
Keyword:gangue backscatter electron imagine analysis accelerating effect hydration mechanism 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1682-1687

Two kinds of gangue with different hydration activities,namely,original gangue and activated gangue,were blended in cement paste,respectively.The effects of gangue on the hydration process of Portland cement clinker in gangue-cement blend were investigated via a non-evaporable water content test and cement clinker hydration degree determined by a backscatter electron imagine analysis.Furthermore,the mechanism for the effect of gangue was discussed.The results indicate that both of the two gangues can accelerate cement clinker hydration process.This accelerated effect can be due to the physical and chemical effects.The original gangue can enhance the hydration process by dilution at early ages,and the activated gangue can increase the pozzolanic reaction at later ages.The activated gangue can accelerate the cement hydration process more remarkably than the original gangue.

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