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Hydration Process of Compound Cementitious Materia…
Author:JIANGZhengwu1 XUHaiyuan1 WANGPeiming1 LONGGuangcheng2 XIEYoujun2(1.KeyLabo… TongjiUniversity Shanghai200092 2.SchoolofCivilEngin… CentralSouthUniversi… Changsha410083 China) 
Keyword:steam curing compound cementitious materials non-evaporable water hydration 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1702-1706

The hydration properties of compound cementitious materials(CCM) under steam curing condition quite differ from those under standard curing condition.The effects of steam curing condition and composition of cementing materials on hydration degree and hydration products of CCM with high volume of fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag were investigated.The non-evaporable water and calcium hydroxide(CH) content method were used to determine the hydration degree of these cementitious materials,and X-ray diffraction analysis was used to determine the hydration products of CCM.The results show that the steam curing accelerates the CCM hydration,especially at steam curing period.The CH content,as well as the non-evaporable water content can be used to evaluate the dydration degree of cement paste.However,it is necessary to consider the CH consumption due to pozzolanic reaction of mineral admixtures when using CH content to determine the hydration degree of CCM.The steam curing condition has no effect on the variety of the hydration products but on their amount and improves pozzolanic activity of mineral admixtures.

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Foundation item:
铁道部科技研究开发计划重大课题(2008G031-18);; 先进土木工程材料教育部重点实验室青年基金重点项目
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