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Investigation of Chloride Ion Permeability by Perm…
Author:MINGJing ZHANGYamei SUNWei(SchoolofMater… JiangsuKeyLaboratory… SoutheastUniversity Nanjing211189 China) 
Keyword:concrete chloride ion permeability porosity 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1707-1712

The effects of different water-binder ratios and fly ash on the chloride ion permeability of concrete were investigated by the Permit(permeation migration) and the RCM(rapid chloride migration) methods.The porosity of concrete was measured by an evaporative water method.It is revealed that there is a good relation between permeability index and porosity of large pores of concrete.The relation between the results obtained by the Permit and the RCM methods was also found.The results show that the Permit method is a reliable approach for testing the chloride ion permeability.The Permit method as a non-destructive method in the field has a superior advantage over the RCM method.

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Foundation item:
国家“973”项目(2009CB623200);; 国家自然科学基金(5077-8039);; 中国西部交通(2006ZB12)资助项目
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