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Recent Research on Steel Corrosion in Concrete
Author:SHIJinjie SUNWei(CollegeofMate… JiangsuKeyLaboratory… SoutheastUniversity Nanjing211189 China) 
Keyword:concrete steel corrosion chloride threshold level steel-concrete interface crack-corrosion 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(9):1753-1764

The problem of steel corrosion in concrete structures in severe environment has been an interesting aspect in fields of corrosion and civil engineering materials.The mechanism of corrosion in concrete induced by the steel depassivation is still unclear so far.Moreover,corrosion propagation of steel is affected by numerous factors,which ultimately leads to the premature failure of reinforced concrete structures and the reduction of service life.Three main reasons(chloride ions,carbonation and stray current) causing the steel corrosion are reviewed.Some important factors(relative humidity,oxygen diffusion and temperature,etc),which influence the development of steel corrosion process,are represented.The results of recent studies in steel corrosion,such as chloride threshold level,steel-concrete interface and crack-corrosion interaction,etc.,are analyzed in details,and the corresponding further studies are proposed.

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Foundation item:
国家重点基础研究发展计划(2009CB623203);; 东南大学优秀博士学位论文基金(YBJJ1017)资助项目
About The Author:
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