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Preparation Mechanism of the Mg-Fe Hydrotalcite wi…
Author:HUANGYan ZENGHongyan WANGYaju YANGYongjie WEIYingMin ZHAOCe 
Keyword:magnesium-iron hydrotalcite  urea  preparation mechanism  pH 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2011,39(2):365-370

Mg-Fe hydrotalcite with uniform and high crystallinity was prepared using an improved urea method. The structure, morphology and composition of Mg-Fe hydrotalcite were analyzed by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectrometer. The preparation mechanism is discussed, and the effect of mole ratio of urea to Fe3+ in the reaction system on the precipitation of the Mg-Fe hydrotalcite was investigated. The results show that the coprecipitation of Mg2+ and Fe3+ to form the Mg-Fe hydrotalcite crystal could occur when the pH value is between 8.48 and 9.35. The nucleation mechanism of the Mg-Fe hydrotalcite is as follows: Fe3+ formed Keggin structure Fe13 cluster (polyoxocation [Fe13O4(OH)24(OH2)12]7+), and Mg2+ formed amorphous Mg(OH)2 in the reaction system. On one hand, the brucite-like sheets of Mg-Fe hydrotalcite with positive charges are formed after the Fe13 cluster was adsorbed rapidly on the surface of amorphous Mg(OH)2. On the other hand, this net positive charge can be compensated by CO32? anions through coulomb forces, which lay in the interlayer region between brucite-like sheets for the balance of the potential valence. At last, the nucleation of Mg-Fe hydrotalcite with electrical neutrality is quickly finished. When the mole ratio of urea to Fe3+ is 12, the optimal relative yield of the Mg-Fe hydrotalcite that possessed well-crystalline structures is obtained.

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