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Influence of Coexisting Li3PO4 on Electrochemical …
Author:LIUZhanqiang CHENHaijie TANGYufeng HUANGFuqiang 
Keyword:composite  lithium iron phosphate  lithium battery  
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2011,39(4):7-10

The composite cathode materials of xLi3PO4/LiFePO4/C (x = 0, 0.025, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.50) based on LiFePO4 for lithium battery were prepared by a solid state reaction method. The galvanostatic charge/discharge analysis indicated that the electrochemical capabilities of 0.025Li3PO4/LiFePO4/C was better than that of LiFePO4/C synthesized in the same way. A higher discharge capacity of 158.7 mA·h/g could be obtained by 0.025Li3PO4/LiFePO4/C in the first cycle at the rate of 0.1 C, and a capacity of 139.3 mA·h/g could be held after 65 cycles at the rate of 1 C. The electrochemical capacities of the obtained 0.025Li3PO4/LiFePO4/C were also investigated by cyclic voltammetry measurements and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The results are consistent with galvanostatic charge/discharge analysis which indicates that Li3PO4 can improve the electrochemical property of LiFePO4.

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Foundation item:
国家自然科学基金 (20901083);上海市科委纳米专项(0952- nm06500)资助项目。
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