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Development on Cement-Based Composite Materials in…
Author:WANGCaihui SUNWei JIANGJinyang SUNGuowen QIAOYunfeng 
Keyword:cement based composites materials  multi-scale  homogenization 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2011,39(4):174-186

Development on cement-based composite materials in multi-scale was represented in the four aspects. These aspects involve: 1) Dwell on the multi-scale demarcations of modern cement base material; 2) Structure, size, formation mechanism, physical properties of cement-based composite materials at different scales; 3) The method on multi-scale in cement-based composite materials, particularly on the classic homogenization method; 4) Multi-scale in term of cement-based composite materials and the deficiency and the further exploration.

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Foundation item:
国家“973”计划(2009CB623200);国家“863”高速铁路用钢筋混凝土研究(2008AA030794);国家自然科学基金(5107- 808)资助项目。
About The Author:
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