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Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Red Phosp…
Author:LIMin LIUJiaxing YANGRu CHENJian YEZeng 
Keyword:strontium magnesium silicate  silicate  high temperature solid 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2011,39(9):7-11

Red phosphor Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu3+ was synthesized by high temperature solid state reaction. Surface configurations, crystal structure and luminescence properties of the as-synthesized samples were characterized by scanning electronic microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and phosphorescent spectra. Results show that Sr2MgSi2O7 produced possesses an akermanite structure, belonging to a tetragonal system. Excitation peaks of Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu3+ in 250–600 nm have a multiple peak distribution. Emission spectra included five typical peaks at 576, 590, 612, 650 nm, and 700 nm of Eu3+. Luminescence intensity is strengthened with the increase of Eu3+ dosage. Activator Eu3+ dosage, assistant flux, and sintering time have an impact on the luminescence properties.

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