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Classification and Characteristics of Alkali-Activ…
Author:SHICaijun1 HEFuqiang2 A.FERNáNDEZ-JIMéNEZ3 V.PavelKRIVENKO4 AngelPALOMO4 
Unit:1. College of Civil Engineering  Hunan University  410082 Changsha  China  2.Department of Civil Engineering  Xiamen University of Technology  361024  Xiamen China  3. Eduardo Torroja Institute Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas  c/Serrano Galvache s/n  28033 Madrid  Spain  4. Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture  31  Vozdukhoflotskii Prospect  PO Box 161 Kiev 03037  Ukraine 
Keyword:alkali-activated cements  property  microstructure  durability 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2012,40(1):69-75

Abstract: The alkali-activated cements can be classified into five categories based on the composition of the cementing component(s): 1) Alkali-activated slag-based cements; 2) Alkali-activated Portland blended cements; 3) Alkali-activated pozzolan cements; 4) Alkali-activated lime-pozzolan/slag cements; and 5) Alkali-activated calcium aluminate blended cement. Each category could include several cementing systems. The composition and characteristics of the five categories of alkali-activated cements are summarized.

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