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Magnetism, Ferroelectricity and Magnetoelectric Co…
Author:ZHANGJinxing YUPu 
Unit:1. Department of Physics  Beijing Normal University  Beijing 100875  China  2. Department of Physics and State Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Quantum Physics  Tsinghua University  Beijing 100084  China 
Keyword:bismuth ferrite  multiferroic  magnetoelectric  ferroelectric  
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2013,41(7):905-915

The coexistence and coupling of the electric and magnetic order parameters can provide a novel platform to probe magnetoelectric effects in multiferroics. The potential applications of magnetoelectric coupling on future high-density, high-speed and low-energy-cost electronic devices stimulate material scientists and condense matter physicists to revisit multiferroic systems over the past decades. Owing to the high ferroelectric and Néel transition temperatures, BiFeO3 (BFO) appears to be one of the most promising candidates in the on-chip integrated magnetoelectronic devices and attracts people’s interests since 1960s. Especially, the appearance of high-quality BFO epitaxial thin films in 2003 has triggered the study of its intrinsic properties and physics behind. This article reviews the BFO research history and focuses on the cutting-edge achievements in BFO-related projects in the past decade. We mainly introduce the emerging physical phenomena from the aspects of crystalline structures, electrical/magnetic behaviors and magnetoelectric coupling in this multiferroic BFO, accompanying with a brief outlook in the conclusion.

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第一作者:张金星(1981—),男,博士,研究员。 通信作者:于 浦(1980—),男,博士,助理教授。
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