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Conductive Performance of Inorganic Crystalline So…
Author:LIYang LIANFang ZHOUGuozhi 
Unit:Key Laboratory of New Energy Materials of Beijing  School of Materials Science and Engineering  University of Science & Technology Beijing  Beijng 100083  China 
Keyword:inorganic crystalline solid electrolytes  ionic conductivity  ionic 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2013,41(7):950-958

Solid electrolyte as one important type of electrolytes is widely investigated. The application of all-solid-state batteries could be an effective solution to the problems of the unsafety, the low energy density and power density of the lithium ion batteries. This review paper represents the crystal structure, synthesis process and performances matching with electrode materials of several important inorganic crystalline solid electrolytes (i.e., perovskite-type, LISICON-type, thio-LISICON, NASICON-type and garnet-type) . In addition, the mechanism of Li ion conduction, the rules and methods to improve the ionic conductivity of these inorganic crystalline solid-state electrolytes were also discussed.

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第一作者:李 杨(1988—),女,博士研究生。 通信作者:连 芳(1974—),女,博士,教授。
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