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Recent Studies on Garnet Scintillation Crystals
Author:WANGChao1 2 RENGuohao2 
Unit:1. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences  Beijing 100864  China  2. Shanghai Institute of Ceramics  Chinese Academy of Sciences  Shanghai 201800  China 
Keyword:garnet crystal  scintillation property  antisite defects  
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2015,43(4):882-891

 Recent development on garnet scintillation crystals studies was reviewed. Pr or Ce-doped (Lu,Y) AG crystals are introduced from structure, growth and scintillation characteristics. The scintillation mechanism, energy transfer and carriers-retrapping process of activators as well as the influence of antisite defects on their characterization were depicted. Antisite defects, which are suggested to be responsible for the slow components, were found to result from the high growth temperature, and could be eliminated by the incorporation of Gd and Ga ions. A compound of Gd3(Ga5-xAlx)O12:Ce presents an optimum light yield and a superior energy resolution among the existing oxide scintillators. The multi-components promote the development of garnet single crystal scintillators.

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About The Author:
汪 超(1990—),男,硕士研究生。
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