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Effect of Magnesia in Clinker on Shrinkage and Hyd…
Author:SONGQiang ZHANGQiongqiong XUDelong 
Unit:College of Materials and Mineral Resources  Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology  Xi’an 710055  Shaanxi  China 
Keyword:high magnesium clinker  periclase  hydration  shrinkage 
Classification:TQ 172
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2017,45(5):0-0

 The impact of MgO contained in clinker on the shrinkage, hydration of cement was investigated. Alite polymorph and periclase relative contents in industrious clinker and hydrates of cement were determined by X-ray diffraction and derivative thermogravimetry. The mortar shrinkage was measured. The results show that periclase content increases with the increase of MgO content. Periclase hydrates at a higher rate at early age, and the increase of cured temperature accelerates the hydration rate. The expansion of periclase can decrease the shrinkage and increase the expansion of cement cured in dry environment and in water, respectively. The hydrate of periclase becomes amorphous or hexagonal plates, concentrates near-by Ca(OH)2, and carbonates with Ca(OH)2 to form CaMg(CO3)2.

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宋 强(1980—),男,博士研究生。
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