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Effect of Mineral Admixtures on Rheological Proper…
Author:LIU Yu  LI Mengyuan  YAN Peiyu 
Unit:(National Engineering Laboratory for Green and Safe Construction Technology in Urban Rail Transit  Department of Civil Engineering  Tsinghua University  Beijing 100084  China) 
Keyword:mineral admixture  binder paste  rheological properties  
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2019,47(5):0-0

 Effect of mineral admixtures on the rheological properties and thixotropy of binder paste was investigated based on a mix proportion for concrete with a high fluidity. Based on a stable flowing state of paste obtained through a stairstep schedule of rotation speed of rheometer and the transfer equation, the rheological data of binder paste were measured and calculated. The rheological characteristics of the binder paste follow the Bingham model. The results show that fly ash and fly ash microbeads both can reduce the yield stress, plastic viscosity and thixotopy of the paste, and the effect of fly ash microbeads is more obvious. The addition of silica fume can increase the yield stress, plastic viscosity and thixotopy of the paste. The addition of ground granulated blast furnace slag can reduce the yield stress and thixotropy, but increase the plastic viscosity of the paste. The effect of mineral admixtures could be considered synthetically during the design of mix proportion for concrete with a high fluidity.

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