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Influence of Chemical Admixtures on Morphology of …
Author:ZHANG Jinshan  YAO Yan  YE Jiayuan  ZHANG Wensheng  WANG Xin  WANG Hongxia 
Unit:(State Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials  China Building Materials Academy Co. Ltd.  Beijing 100024  China) 
Keyword:ettringite  boric acid  lithium carbonate  superplasticizers 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2019,47(5):0-0

 Ettringite was synthesized via increasing the content of admixtures in aqueous solution. The influence of three kinds of concrete admixtures on the formation and morphology of ettringite was investigated by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The results show that boric acid could inhibit the growth of ettringite crystal gradually in aqueous solution. The length-width ratio of ettringite crystal decreases from approximate 100 to 10, and the formation rate of ettringite obviously slows down when the boric acid dosage increases. In the reaction, a flat columnar-like ettringite is formed at the dosage of 5%. Lithium carbonate inhibits the growth of ettringite crystal, but accelerates the formation rate of ettringite. Superplasticizers inhibits the radial growth of ettringite crystal, increases the length-width ratio of ettringite crystal, and promotes the nucleation of ettringite, thus resulting in a longer and thinner ettringite.

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