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Author:FENGChunhua LIDongxu MIAOChen WANGXiaopeng(StateKe… CollegeofMaterialSci… NanjingUniversityofT… Nanjing210009 China) 
Keyword:steel slag mechanical activation chemical activation activity cementing material 
Year,volume(Issue):page number:2010,38(7):1160-1166

The mechanism of mechanical activation and chemical activation of steel slag was discussed.The effects of mechanical activation and chemical activation on the activity of steel slag were investigated.The grinding efficiency of steel slag by using four grinding aids was also analyzed.The internal relation between the microstructure and macroscopic properties of steel slag and cement were investigated by X-ray diffraction,scanning electron microscopy,mercury porosimeter method and other modern analysis techniques.The results show that it is possible to prepare the high-activity supplementary cementing materials using steel slag.The optimum grinding time of steel slag is 60 min.The addition of grinding aids into the grinding of steel slag could increase the product fineness.The cement compressive strength at 28 d could be improved after adding the finer particles of steel slag ground.The best grinding aid was grinding aid A(mixed with triethanolamine,glycol,deionized water,mass ratio is 7:3:10).The ground steel slag as a high-activity supplementary cementing material could be used by the content of 30% in cement.

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